Still smoking hot and fresh out of the printing press, here they are, our new business cards.

Alongside the new brand refresh we have going on in the past few months, we went out and redesigned our business cards. Hope you like them!

And please don’t be shy to ask for some if you want to recommend us or use us in your stone tops projects.

As we were working hard this year, it became clear to us that we need to finally update our regular business cards to tie in with the branding on our website. We absolutely love the design of our website and it is thanks to our friend designer Adrian C. that our branding has become so unique and recognizable. We spent months collaborating on the design of the website.

It only made sense that next step will be a new business card. We needed to rework the design several times and it was a fun project to work on. Placing all the different elements perfectly was challenging as was the selection of the ideal fonts and other design elements. That’s what I love about working with Adrian, every last detail is taken into account and he’s not happy till the project looks perfect.

Now that the design was finished it was on to deciding the card stock I was going to use, the finish, and after taking a look at all the very cool custom elements that offers, I wanted to go the extra mile and make sure that my cards really stood out from the crowd.

We love our new cards and can recommend without hesitation.